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Experience in 200 projects

After more than 20 years as an online communication consultancy there are hardly any areas that we haven’t already covered. Whereas technical issues previously dominated our consulting activities, clients approach us today about completely different matters, e.g. communication strategies, target groups, social networks, the use of apps and tablets for marketing, selecting the right system, security, customer service and operation. Of course, we are also frequently asked about organisational and support areas such as advice for tenders or choosing service providers. There is one thing they (and you) can rely on in all cases – our really wide-ranging experience.

Example project

Within the scope of our activities for BundOnline, the e-government initiative of the German federal government, we have acted in an advisory capacity for over 100 federal administration clients.

In the development and operation of the CMS competency centre for BundOnline we demonstrated our capability as a specialist in content management solutions. When planning the basic components of the implemented Coremedia and Government Site Builder content management systems, we made good use of our knowledge of the requirements of CMS projects in the public sector. We also supervised the implementation, acting as a competent partner for the Federal Office of Administration in all phases.

In numerous workshops our specialists have raised the awareness of content management systems in federal administration, met the specific requirements of the particular organisation – and developed corresponding definitions of objectives.

For some organisations we have also developed barrier-free screen designs, installed Government Site Builder or customised the standard version of the system.

At the end of the project, in order to make our cumulative CMS knowledge available to employees, we drew up numerous guidelines on different issues and published them via the knowledge management system of the federal administration – from economic feasibility studies and project management to specific system configuration.

Our services at a glance:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Preparation of requirement specifications and service description
  • Development of a functional specifications document
  • Development of aims and target groups
  • CMS customizing
  • Infrastructure concept
  • Carrying out workshops
  • Development of editorial, technical and commercial guidelines
  • Graphic design and barrier-free implementation
  • Training
  • Hotline

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