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We make your content an interactive experience - with infotainment that stays in the memory.

Multi-touch table
for trade fairs, showrooms and consultancy services

Multi-touch tables allow you to use just your fingers to rotate, zoom, click or wipe any type of digital media – with no need for distracting aids. Videos become interactive, machines become accessible, complex issues become comprehensible. We are able to design multi-touch solutions that your clients can use to interactively explore information and content – ideal for trade fairs, showrooms or as an innovative consulting tool. The shared active experience ensures that the content presented, and therefore your company as an innovative partner, remain long in the memory of your clients.

Example project

Time and again, the globally active DMG Mori Seiki Group underlines its innovative leadership in machine tool construction through groundbreaking world firsts.

At the EMO trade fair we presented a selection of the company's high-tech machines with multi-touch solutions. Many visitors who were passing by the stand suddenly stopped at the multi-touch table to find out more about this technology for themselves.

With resounding success, consultants used the table for interactive support in discussions, for example to visualise “invisible” product features in specialist machines for the manufacturing of aerospace components and to display them specifically according to the requirements of individual visitors.

Our services at a glance:

  • Idea and overall concept
  • Editing for concept and realisation
  • Design of the Multi-Touch User Interface (UI)
  • Multi-Touch User Experience Design (UX)
  • Programming

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